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July 7, 2017

High demand for automotive technical information

There has been a substantial increase in demand for high-calibre technical information as the industry has evolved and as vehicles have become more complicated.  Obtaining technical information is no longer as simple as owning a few manuals, and accurate reliable technical information is not just something you can ‘Google’. Data is an investment workshops across the globe have been making more and more to increase efficiency, as well as to protect their customers and themselves from mistakes and costly damages.

The demand for automotive technical information can be clearly seen in the world-leading provider of automotive technical information, Autodata. This month, the highest number of workshops to use Autodata was recorded. In just one day, there were over 130,000 visitors to Autodata’s online workshop application, and the number of visitors to Autodata’s workshop application grows week-on-week.

Why the increase in demand for technical information?  

More complicated vehicles

With relatively new computer powered technology like emergency brake assist, electronic stability control, assisted parking, and TPMS now commonly seen in vehicles on the road, workshops are working on systems that are more complex than ever. To ensure that they are carrying out servicing and repairs effectively, technicians require the support of highly accurate technical information.

Ever-evolving data

If you are under the impression that once automotive technical information is published it remains the same, that is not the case. After vehicles are launched by manufacturers, the technical information for vehicles is often adapted many times in the expected life-cycle of the vehicle. This is why technical information providers such as Autodata have moved away from delivery methods which are less efficient in keeping users updated i.e. books and CDs.

Larger vehicle parc

Not only are there more vehicles on the road, there is a larger variety of vehicles than ever before. Although a large array of vehicles presents many opportunities for the aftermarket, for workshops it means being prepared to service and repair any vehicle that drives through the doors. With such a large variety of vehicles, technicians cannot be expected to immediately know how to work on every vehicle – Autodata covers over 32,000 car and van models from more than 136 manufacturers. So, whether a technician knows their way around a particular vehicle or not, technical information providers support workshops with the challenges of the growing variations of vehicles.

Forefront of industry technology

Data is now essential in the evolution of vehicles and the entire automotive industry. The rate of product development at Autodata is rapid. With an automotive technical information tool like Autodata, workshops can ensure that not only are they using the most accurate and up-to-date technical information, but that they also have access to the most advanced technical information solution in the industry and that their workshop is prepared for the future. 

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