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Welcome to Solera Autodata

A world leader in automotive technical information for service, maintenance, diagnostics and repair. Whether you’re looking for standard workshop applications, large scale systems, or bespoke API solutions, we can help.

Workshop Application

Autodata Business Services

Workshop Application

A trusted standard for workshops worldwide.

Our comprehensive online solution provides technical vehicle information to support service, maintenance, diagnostics and repair.

Powered by continuous updates and feature improvements, our workshop application means users can trust that they have the most up-to-date OE information covering 99% of vehicles on the road.


Integrating Autodata

Powered by the same information in our workshop application, the Autodata API has been built to give you total flexibility, combined with maximum stability.

Take as little or as much as you need and embed it into existing systems or build something completely new.

If you have a need or an idea that requires Autodata information, we can help make it happen.


Global Solera Solutions

At the start of 2017 we joined the Solera Group.

This enables us to combine our expertise and resources with an extensive network of automotive businesses. We have now unlocked an even greater potential for future developments.

Talk to us about any of your challenges and we can connect the right resources to get the solution you need.