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July 24, 2023

Macpherson Strut – Inspection Procedures

The Macpherson strut is one of the most commonly used automotive suspension systems in the world.

Understanding how to effectively inspect and identify problems within this system is a vital part of your skillset as an automotive technician.

In the latest addition to our training course on Understanding Suspension Systems, we cover the inspection procedures and possible failure points of the Macpherson strut.

The topics covered in this training module include:

  • Overall inspections for road worthiness
  • Inspection procedures for struts, coil and strut top bearings
  • Inspection procedures for ball joints, control arms and bushes

This module will be the latest addition to our growing library of over 350 technical training videos, covering the following key areas:

Electrical   |   Engine   |   Chassis   |   Drivetrain   |   Driver Assist

HVAC   |   Diagnostics   |   Servicing   |   Hybrid & Electric Vehicles

Eligible subscribers can jump into this new module using the Training button in their Autodata account from August 2. Happy training!

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