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December 6, 2017

A year of innovation – 2017 in review

At the beginning of the year, Autodata launched Service Summary, a brand-new module that makes it even easier to quickly identify when key service operations, including the recommended intervals for belt replacement; spark plug renewal; fluid replacement, and filter renewals are due.

In February, Autodata introduced the Service Transmission module, it supports the servicing of manual, automatic, and auto-shift manual (ASM) transmissions, as recommended by the vehicle manufacturers.

During March, Autodata’s popular Wiring Diagrams module was enhanced. Wiring diagrams are now even more interactive, giving technicians the ability to search and locate specific components within the diagram.

In April, Autodata’s DTC module was completely redesigned to save technicians even more time by optimising the navigation features.

In May, Autodata’s popular technical fixes for common faults were integrated into the DTC module. Now, in addition to providing the probable causes, when a trouble code is entered into the search bar, the application will search for existing solutions for the fault that is causing the trouble code.

In June, Autodata launched Assist Me, a step-by-step diagnostic guide for technicians that gives the user the freedom and flexibility to steer diagnostics.

In July Autodata gave its subscribers three new ways to search for vehicles. As well as scrolling through a list of manufacturers and models, technicians can simply enter the manufacturer and model, or the engine code into the search bars to quickly locate the vehicles they are working on.

August saw the launch of the brand-new tyres module. The Tyres module gives technicians quick and easy access to vital technical information, including tyre pressures, tightening torques, tyre pressure monitoring system information, jacking point locations, and jacking mode procedures; all in one easy-to-use technical information module.

In September, Autodata’s Electric Component Locations module was enhanced. Users can now immediately see all electronic component diagrams available for the selected vehicle, then filter them using the on-page search function to locate the components relevant to their issue.

During October, Autodata launched the Fuses and Relays module, it presents all fuse boxes/relay plates for the vehicle and even has a search bar that enables the user to find the fuse boxes/relay plates they need in seconds.

In November, the homepage of the workshop application was enhanced to enable users to easily view Autodata’s most recent news, updates, and some of the latest models added to the online application.

Autodata’s final enhancements in 2017 were to the Camshaft Drive System module. In line with all Autodata’s new features and enhancements, the Camshaft Drive System module is now optimised for use across all smart devices. Navigation features such as the fully collapsible information panel, scroll and zoom functions, and a full-screen view of illustrations of timing belts, chains, and gears have also been added to make the module even more user-friendly.    

Altogether this year Autodata has made over 41,000 updates to vehicle technical information and made 365 enhancements to features in the workshop application, including the 12 key features above.

At the beginning of 2017, Autodata became a part of the Solera Group, a global leader in data and software. Solera’s automotive solutions cover the complete lifecycle of vehicles from purchase to salvage and everything in between. With new partnerships and collaborations on the horizon for Autodata, 2018 is set to be another year of great innovations to enhance how servicing, maintenance, repair, and diagnostics are carried out across the automotive aftermarket. 

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