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July 31, 2018

Autodata launches new bulbs module

Autodata’s new Bulbs module is designed to give professional technicians easy access to accurate bulb replacement data to reduce the risk of damaging costly lighting units.

As well as providing a replacement guide for each type of bulb, the new module features a scale which rates the difficulty of the replacement procedure. This new feature helps technicians to quickly assess the complexity of the job, allowing them to accurately provide quotes and to avoid underestimation of tasks.

As with many aspects of modern vehicles, lighting is becoming more complex. Many drivers and technicians wrongly assume that bulb replacements are always straightforward. However, with LED headlights increasing in popularity, and with even more powerful and efficient laser headlights already appearing on vehicles such as the BMW i8, bulb replacements today and in the future will require more guidance to safely access and replace high-tech lighting systems.

Alongside 34 other technical modules, such as Service Schedules, Technical Specifications, Repair Times, Engine Oil, Diagnostic Trouble Codes, Wiring Diagrams, and Fuses & Relays, Autodata’s Bulbs module is designed to help technicians save time and increase workshop efficiency.

Autodata’s online workshop application provides OE-manufacturer verified technical information for 99% of vehicles on the road. Subscribers have instant access to in-depth and standardised technical data for over 34,000 car and light commercial vehicle models from more than 142 manufacturers.

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