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September 8, 2017

Autodata releases enhanced electronic component locations module

In line with Autodata’s ambitious 2017 plan to release a major feature each and every month, September sees the release of the enhanced Electronic Component Locations module.

The ECL module makes it easier than ever before to find data about a specific component – rather than looking through individual pages, users can now bring up every electronic component diagram available for the selected vehicle. This can then be filtered using the on-page search function, allowing users to dynamically locate the components relevant to their issue, or locate a specific component by name.

Components are visually represented with a thumbnail image, making it possible to see at a glance which component is selected. The diagrams and illustrations available in the ECL module includes general electrical components, air conditioning, fuse boxes and relay plates, anti-lock brake systems, and engine management.

The Electronic Component Locations module is a major step forward in terms of efficiency and workflow; it’s now even faster and easier to find components through Autodata’s full-colour diagrams. Clicking on a component will bring up a full-page image with the components highlighted where appropriate. Once you’ve found the component you need, you can use the in-app ‘back’ button to return to the menu and continue work.

As with all new content the updated module is fully responsive and is optimised to work across the full range of desktop and mobile devices.

This enhanced feature is accessible to all Autodata users. Diagnostic & Repair subscribers have access to specialised and in-depth data on engine management, wiring diagrams, component testing and additional diagnostic information.

Find out more about Autodata or to upgrade your subscription to Autodata Diagnostic & Repair, with access to diagnostic trouble codes, known fixes and more. 

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