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October 2, 2017

Finding the right fuses and relays has never been so easy

This month, Autodata has added yet another brand-new time-saving module to the workshop application for cars and vans. Autodata subscribers can now easily and quickly search across all fuse boxes and relay plates in a dedicated module.

Technicians no longer need to click through multiple diagrams to find the fuse boxes/relay plates required to repair a vehicle’s electrical system. It’s now even more straightforward!

As usual, users need to select the vehicle they are working on via the VRM lookup tool, the engine code, or by entering the make, model, and range of the vehicle. Once on the vehicle’s Technical Information page, the user simply has to click on ‘Fuses and relays’ which presents all fuse boxes/relay plates for the vehicle. The new module even has a search bar that allows the user to narrow down the fuse boxes/relay plates they need in seconds.

As well as an in-diagram search bar, the interactive illustrations also enable technicians the quickly identify fuse boxes and relay plates by simply hovering over the illustration.

As with all new Autodata features and modules, the new Fuses and Relays module is compatible and fully responsive to adapt to all screen sizes and devices with internet access.

Already an Autodata subscriber? Try the fuses and relays module today.

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